Behind the scenes

Acting for animation – walkcycle

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These clips show how we worked with reference video material for Fish for Life, our 3d animated short. Here you can compare the reference with the final animation of the fisherman Manolin. The... READ MORE

Foley recording

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Today we have recorded the final Foley. We reproduce the sounds which are added to Fish for Life to enhance audio quality. In this case, we’ve reproduced the footsteps of the fisherman Manolin on... READ MORE

Sneak peek

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With this sneak peek we are sending our best wishes to all followers of Fish for Life! We are still alive! Even though the hot weather in combination with lots of work and... READ MORE

A big thank you to KG Media Factory

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The Fish for Life team is very grateful for the financial support of the film company KG Media Factory. We really appreciate their enthusiasm for creative and original ideas and their encouragement to... READ MORE

Animation of the ocean

The ocean plays an integral role in many books and movies. Sometimes it is depicted as a calm and serene element, while in other cases it can be shown to be an unstoppable... READ MORE

Renderings of Manolins assets

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The development of Fish for Life is entering a very colorful phase – check out our recent renderings. What does Manolin need to fish? These are assets which accompany our main character on... READ MORE