Fish for Life introduction: team photo


The Fish for Life core team consists of 4 young, talented and ambitious people with big dreams.


Kerstin Blätterbinder

Modelling, Animation, Lighting, Compositing

Kerstin’s passion is the moving image and the variety of possibilities associated with it. The art of bringing life into a figure through movement fascinates her.


Lukas Mathä

Modelling, Water Simulation, Texturing & Shading

Lukas’ strengths are located in the fields of 3d modelling and animating dynamics. He wants to bring ideas from scratch into the three-dimensional world and create an accurate vision of a concept.


Lisa Mona / Gierlinger

Art Direction, Modelling, Shading & Texturing, Animation

Since her childhood Lisa Mona loves telling stories and create great visionary worlds. Furthermore, the artist is excited by the psychological background of created characters.


Victoria Wolfersberger

Music, Sound design, Modelling, Lighting, Compositing

Sound design is her passion, because Victoria finds it incredibly exciting to create acoustic worlds that accentuate visual content and trigger emotions.


Creating a 3d animated short takes a lot of time, nerves and individuals. Therefore the Fish for Life team is very thankfull to all their helpers and people, who support their project.